1. Enjoy live artiste performances

  • 18th March: Watch international artiste Pixie Lott and rising Asian star Nathan Hartono take the stage.
  • 19th March: Enjoy performances by local indie bands, Take Two and Disco Hue.

Find out what’s happening on the Main stage

Nanyang Technological University’s Nanyang Venture IX, Shell’s Shell Eco-marathon UrbanConcept car, Institute of Technical Education’s EcoTraveller against the Singapore skyline

2. See innovative cars of the future

  • Watch approximately 120 student teams from all over Asia-Pacific (including Singapore) and the Middle East work on-site at specialised paddocks, improving their self-designed and manufactured vehicles that will compete at Shell Eco-marathon Asia - an innovative student design-and-build competition.
  • Keep up to date as the competition heats up - Shell will broadcast all the highlights and live action from the track.
  • Get up close to the Shell Concept Car - an ultra-efficient concept city car jointly developed with Geo Technology and Gordon Murray Design. The Shell Concept Car, which weighs just 550kg, has clocked a fuel efficiency of 38 kilometres per litre, and uses a third (34%) less energy over its entire lifetime compared to a typical petrol-powered car.
  • Witness the Drivers’ World Championship Asia - where the region’s most fuel-efficient teams go head-to-head in a race for speed, to be crowned the fastest energy-efficient car in Asia.
  • Build and race your own miniature cars powered by salt water, and take these home as souvenirs.

Learn about Shell Eco-marathon

Ideas 360 graduates participate in lab activities in the Future Energy zone during day two of Make the Future London 2016 at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Thursday, June 30, 2016 in London, UK.

3. Vividly experience our potential low-carbon future world

  • Discover what our energy future could look like by donning virtual reality headgear.
  • Visit the Energy Theatre - which provides a cinematic look at how energy sustains life and drives progress.

See more at Our Energy Future zone

Experience the giant zorbs at Make the Future Singapore

4. Compete with friends in giant Zorb balls

  • Run as fast as you can in the Zorb energy generators for 30 seconds, to see how much kinetic energy you can create to convert into electricity.
Participants charge up a timer by running on a Pavegen tile, then taking shots at a unique football target challenge.

5. See the coolest new innovations from brilliant young entrepreneurs

  • Participate in a unique football target challenge: Charge up a timer by running on a Pavegen tile, then take shots at a target scoring as many points as possible before the timer ends. Pavegen is being installed in various high footfall locations worldwide, from transport hubs to shopping centres.
  • GravityLight: Generating light from gravity, this innovative device of a falling weight provides affordable light and power, on demand and instantly, to improve the quality of life for the world’s poorest communities.
  • Bright Ideas Challenge: Visitors will be able see the 15 finalists entries into the Bright Ideas Challenge 2017 and how their ideas create a world that can produce much more energy with less CO2.

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Shell Eco-marathon

Watch the cars of the future in action as student teams across Asia come to Singapore for Shell Eco-marathon 2017.