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Energy is part of the fabric of modern life for many, in ways we see and some ways we forget.

Around 1/5 of the world’s energy system is electricity, that means the majority of our world’s energy is used in things like the production of our smart phones; to heat our homes and offices; and to transport our food. It is an ingredient in the clothes that we wear; and in the products we use every day.

We all experience energy in different ways and we will all have a part to play in the challenge of transitioning to a lower-carbon world. Cities are where most of the world’s populations live. They can be crowded, energy-hungry, congested places. But they are also highly innovative and dynamic places.

By bringing people together, cities can be hotbeds for great ideas. Ideas for cleaner, more affordable energy, for greater energy efficiency, to help create a better life and healthy environment in our increasingly urban world.

This zone is about how we experience energy first hand - the innovative ways the world can use, consume and recycle energy and how we might see the transition to a lower carbon world in our everyday lives. And features a showcase of the brilliant minds who have stepped out and been able to turn their bright energy ideas into reality.

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Gravity Light

Gravity Light are on a mission to help create electric light and power for more than a billion people living off the grid. Using gravity, a bag of rocks and a lot of knowledge, this low-cost solution will soon be lighting up lives around the world.


The next step in energy innovation? This smart idea uses special tiles to capture the kinetic energy from footsteps. Imagine people helping to power the city they live in. That’s the future Pavegen is heading towards.

GravityLight pulley system

Turning gravity into light

Harnessing kinetic energy from falling rocks, GravityLight produces a safe, renewable source of light to those with no access to electricity.

Turning gravity into light
The world’s first football pitch powered by the energy of footsteps

Empowering a community through footsteps

In the heart of Morro da Mineira, a favela in Rio de Janeiro, we took a rundown football pitch and powered it with kinetic and solar energy to demonstrate our belief that a mix of innovative ideas can change the way we power communities. It’s time to see if it worked.

See the first kinetic energy pitch

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Main Stage

Sit back and take in all the action from the festival; enjoy guest appearances, talks, demos and live performances.

Our Energy Future

See the world's changing energy system. Explore how Singapore uses energy and where it comes from.

On the Move

Discover new ways people and their things could move around our world.

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