Visitor putting on the virtual reality headset at the Make the Future Festival in 2016

Our world today is exciting, dynamic and fast-moving. We’ve never been more connected, with more and more people enjoying better opportunities, better health and better lives. Last night, a billion people in the world didn’t turn out the lights before they went to bed, not because they forgot but because they don’t have electricity.

As populations grow and thrive, demand for energy grows as well – energy to refrigerate food and medicines, to build roads and hospitals, to make plastics, fuels and fertilisers; energy to transport goods across the world and to the corner store, and to enable access to education and job opportunities. But this increasing demand for energy is contributing to rising pressure on our climate.

To limit the most serious effects of climate change, and to give more people access to the opportunities that energy brings, society needs to find a way to produce more and cleaner energy. This zone is a chance to explore where the worlds energy comes from and some of the bright ideas that could contribute to human progress in a lower-carbon world.

Get involved, get inspired

Main Stage

Sit back and take in all the action from the festival; enjoy guest appearances, talks, demos and live performances.

On the Move

Discover new ways people and their things could move around our world.

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