Shell Eco-marathon is an innovative competition that challenges students to make their own ultra-energy-efficient vehicles. Teams design and build their car and test it on the track to see who can travel the farthest using the least amount of energy. 

Shell Eco-marathon inspires thousands of engineering students to push the boundaries of what’s possible for energy efficiency.

Shell Eco-marathon is made up of two key competitions. For the Shell Eco-marathon Mileage Challenge, drivers compete to complete a valid track run using the least amount of energy. The UrbanConcept winners of the Mileage Challenge then compete in the Drivers’ World Championship, where drivers race to be the first to cross the finish line, while managing their allotted amount of energy.

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Indonesia wins big at Make the Future Live 2018 in London

Indonesian students did their country and Asia proud by winning two of Shell’s annual competitions at Make the Future Live 2018 in London.

Shell Eco-marathon London

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